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Case Study: Automation of Media Planning in a Telecom Company

Most TIER-1 companies, whose ad inventory includes over 10 000 media units, face certain difficulties with media buying, ad planning, auditing and analyzing, as well as media biddings. In this case study we take a look at how AdoptoMedia’s CheckMedia Solution V1.0 helps a telecom company with media bidding and media planning automation. In order to cover all of the company’s marketing processes the solution was integrated with a Marketing Resource Management (MRM) system.   1. Planning and launching an ad campaign: the key elements In a telecom company, one of the CMO’s key goals is to manage regional marketing activities, which includes ad campaigns: production of creatives, media planning, media buying and ad placement monitoring. In our case, the telecom company uses the following media channels in ad campaigns: TV; Radio; OOH; Digital.   Here are the key elements of the company’s media buying process: campaigns  take place in over 500 cities, meanwhile media buying and placement are managed by all 59 regional offices and the central marketing department; the regional offices are responsible for local ad suppliers and provide daily support for the ad planning and buying processes. The central marketing department controls and coordinates all regional office activities,… Read more »