Automated and transparent revenue forecast with optimized budget

By implementing our Humanizing AI approach, millions of SMBs, startups, and entrepreneurs have a significant opportunity to enhance their business KPIs, revenue, and valuation using advanced AI capabilities through a practical lens

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Full visibility for executives of brands and startups

  1. Short-term (quarterly) and long-term (5 years) revenue scenarios building, significantly influencing company forecasts and valuations
  2. Measurement and forecast of the number of acquired/returned clients per marketing channel
  3. Corporate marketing budget allocation with quarterly revenue projections
  4. Fundraising tool for CEO & CFO

For investors in marketing-driven companies

  1. Best-In-Class solution for Due diligence of revenue forecasts and marketing budgets
  2. Calculate bottom-up valuation and your exit strategy
  3. Suitable for any investment round and company size
  4. Support post investment process with plan/actual analysis of key metrics

Our platform is based on industry methodologies and proven with successful implementations

Humanizing AI

Transparent marketing measurement and management

AI-based SaaS platform with flexible architecture and proprietary technology

Main use cases

How AdoptoMedia can be used

Fundraising tool for

Due diligence tool for

Marketing budget measurement and management tool

Valuation tool for private and public companies

“Global brands spend over $1 Trillion a year on a growing mix of marketing assets, media and technology to grow sales, profits and enterprise value. It’s surprising how little visibility financial executives have into this spending on growth, and how those investments are performing.”


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Our solution already implemented in global brands, startups, service providers. Our platform has successfully managed more than $1Billion marketing budgets of our end customers eg foodtech, pharma, ecommerce and telecom.


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