Full visibility for your
Media Spend Management

We give you a transparent and efficient solution to manage all operations between company departments, agencies, publishers and auditors.

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Full visibility for executives

  1. Achievement of marketing, sales and time to market objectives
  2. Corporate budget allocation
  3. Tracking and reporting of media spend process

Cross-department collaboration for better ROMI

  1. Common measurable metrics for marketing, finance and procurement
  2. Transparent inter-company processes
  3. Management relations with external suppliers

Efficient in-house agency

  1. Solutions for any media management (Digital, TV, OOH, etc.)
  2. Media billing and contract management
  3. Smooth automation and integration processes

Transparent Media Management

True ROMI forecast and adjustment

Digital transformation of Media Spend management

Main use cases

How AdoptoMedia can be used

Transparent process with multiple agencies

Creating in-house agency capabilities

Level up!

Transform your business digitally!

Successful digital and business transformation is a challenging process for any organization. Transition to transparent market spend management is fairly complex task, and it directly impacts business objectives. Only collaborative work of executive team CFO, CMO, CIO and CPO with common metrics can maximize marketing ROI.

Our partners such as strategic consulting and advisory firms, auditors, managed service provide complex, cross-disciplinary assistance to clients in the digital transition process. Combination of partner services and our spend media management technology results in a comprehensive tool for a successful digital transformation.

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“Global brands spend over $1 Trillion a year on a growing mix of marketing assets, media and technology to grow sales, profits and enterprise value. It’s surprising how little visibility financial executives have into this spending on growth, and how those investments are performing.”


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