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Marketing effectiveness measurement in a cookieless world

Customer data online is getting more protected with new privacy-related announcements from Google and Apple. Marketers already have to comply with GDPR in Europe, CCPA in California, etc., and recent changes are going to influence marketing effectiveness measurement even more. After third-party cookies are eliminated and iOS 14.5 update is rolled out the effectiveness and accuracy of some measurement approaches will suffer. This article will help you understand how the changes will affect the tools you are currently using and what solutions you should add to your measurement arsenal to ensure business growth. Take a free test to check if your company is ready to face the post-cookie reality. Google has announced that it is going to phase out third party cookies in its browser Chrome by 2022, and Firefox 86 already has a total cookie protection feature. Another news comes from Apple, that has released an update for iPhone with a new privacy-related feature. IDFA tracking used to be enabled by default, and now you can opt out of in-app ad tracking, and 88% of iOS 14.5 users globally have already done so, which led to a negative reaction from Facebook and ad spending drop. The IAB Advertising Effectiveness… Read more »