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Case Study: Automating the Work of an Ad Agency

Major ad agencies operate an extensive number of ad projects. A client's single ad campaign can include upwards of 10,000 ad media. Large-scale campaigns require smart planning with account for all the nuances pertaining to the purchase of ad inventory, and proper gathering of all reports and documents once the placements expire. Characteristics of a major ad agency How do major ad agencies operate, specifically? Many clients: the agency managers service over 100 clients; Ads are bought in more than 100,000 media units annually; The agency has about 70 employees; The agency works with more than 870 contractors; Ads are placed in more than 650 cities, while different employees handle the buying in different cities; The overall process of media planning, buying, placement and closing of an ad campaign involves employees from different departments: – client service managers handling client support; – buying managers handling the media buying; – the document control or accounting department responsible for the closing of deals. This results in the following difficulties: the approval process takes a long time, since all matters are discussed and handled via email, both internally and when operating with clients and contractors; the launch of an ad campaign consists of multiple… Read more »

Effective Targeting for Fashion and Beauty Brands

Thanks to Out-of-Home advertising, fashion and beauty brands are able to plan their campaigns using increasingly smart methods for reaching target audiences. Below are the select few of such methods. 1. Use data In 2016, Timberland launched a data-based digital OOH campaign that was targeted across the entire United Kingdom. The digital campaign, which employed screens installed in public transportation and high-traffic retail outlets, displayed how dynamically renewable creatives deliver relevant targeted content. The campaign not only helped define the most suitable locations for advertisements, but also estimated the distance in steps and meters, the supposed travel time and even the number of burnt calories. Timberland used the data cleverly to communicate the OOH message to the consumers at the locations where the former can and will be reached.  2. Use dynamic targeting New technology and digitization of data in OOH bring forth plenty of opportunity for innovative campaigns. Last year the skin care manufacturer Elizabeth Arden held a campaign at Oxford Circus, a London tube station. A digital panel that was installed there, displayed real-time local air pollution data. This information, supported by the displayed evidence, motivated the pedestrians to use Elizabeth Arden products to "cheat the city". 3. Keep… Read more »

The Ford Case: the Impact of Out-of-Home Advertising on Site Traffic

Nowadays, traditional advertising is being more and more often combined with online promotion, which is growing increasingly popular due to the mass use of the Internet. How are these two types of advertising related, and do they impact each other? Ford Motor Company is one of the world's largest automobile manufacturers. In Germany Ford enjoys substantial popularity: in 2015, 225 thousand new Ford cars were registered, placing the brand at place 6 in the top 10 best-selling cars in the country. In 2013-2014 Ford advertised its most successful Fiesta and Focus models using various ad media. Since a significant share of new car registrations was attributed to site traffic, this caused an interest in researching the impact of Out-of-Home advertising and other media channels on the number of hits at the two models' web sites. A media agency conducted an efficiency assessment of various media types, namely OOH, TV, radio, film and daily press. Regression analysis of the Jan 2012 – Oct 2015 visiting statistics at Ford.de was used to gather the necessary data. The researchers have concluded that in 2014, OOH advertising caused 52,553 visits at the Ford Focus web site. Meanwhile, the same resulted in 14,538 hits at the… Read more »