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Case Study: Modeling a Bank’s Media Mix with CheckMedia Solution V2.0

Most TIER-1 companies employing a full media mix to promote their services need to effectively allocate the media budget among their ad channels. Banks and other financial companies with a wide regional branch network are a typical example of this. Here we will delve into the specifics showcasing how CheckMedia Solution V2.0 by AdoptoMedia can lend a hand in navigating these investment strategies.   1. Customer profile The principal goal of any large bank's marketing department is to manage marketing activities, and this includes allocating the media budget among products, regions, media channels and ad media within each channel. The bank uses a full media mix to support its marketing activities: TV; radio; OOH advertising; Internet; printed press.  Below are the specifics of how the bank's marketing department operates: ad campaigns take place in over 70 cities, while media buying and placement are managed by all regional offices and the central marketing department; the regional offices handle the local ad suppliers, providing daily support for the ad planning and buying processes. The central marketing department controls and coordinates all regional office activity, as well as conducts planning and buying from federal ad suppliers; over 10,000 ad media are purchased annually for all media… Read more »