CheckMedia Solution v2.0

With CheckMedia Solution, it is now very easy to allocate advertising budgets across different channels (TV, radio, OOH, Internet) and create, edit, store, summarize and analyze media plans.

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Can CheckMedia Solution V2.0 help you?

Yes! If you are a marketer of a large B2C company, which:

How can CMS V2.0 help your business?

1. Strategically:

- resolve market challenges, map out marketing budgets and choose the main channels for promotion:

  • decide what exactly is warranted in adjusting a marketing budget if demand drops; can demand be retained;
  • how to draw up the best media budget in the current economy and make smart decisions in allocating it across the ad channels;
  • find out the effect of advertising one product on the sales of other products.
2. Tactically:

- ease your job in operating within the limits of the set marketing budget and ad channels:

  • how to draw up a smart media plan; how to keep track of data when frequent updates are a necessity; how to log the ad placement history;
  • how to quickly set up ad media biddings, process the quotations sent in and choose the winning bidder;
  • how to quickly prepare specific reports for the placement of ads in each type of media.

What is the benefit for the client?

The return on marketing investments (ROMI) increases by 10-20% at the minimum.

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CheckMedia Solution V2.0 structure

 1) Media Mix Tool

handles the ad budget and its structure throughout the fiscal period (1 year), augmenting sales.

2) Media Plan Manager

works in semi-automated mode to prepare and approve media plans, evaluating the availability of ad media and their price for the specified period of time.

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Deploying CheckMedia Solution allowed us to simplify how we work with contractors. Now the whole process is automated and requires no substantial time or labor

- Media buying director of a telecom company.
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Using CheckMedia Solution  for tactical and strategic media planning allowed us to increase the return on marketing investment (ROMI) by 130%

— Advertising manager of a major bank.
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Thanks to CheckMedia Solution we can now handle more client requests and offer more ad placement options without increasing manpower

- Director of a major advertising agency
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CheckMedia Solution V2.0 is fully integrated with

Sup Hibris Accenture

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