Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is, I don’t know which half…

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Increasing the impact of advertising

Unified approach to ROI measurement

Econometric modelling allows to calculate the impact of advertising on the business KPI (e.g. sales level volume). Optimal ad budget allocation is an econometric modeling result, saving up to 15% of the advertising budget.

Unified approach to audience measurement

Planning methods of Digital ad, TV, radio and the press based on common methodology related to the analysis of the behavior of the audience and its socio-demographic portrait. Mobile carrier’s data allowing planning OOH advertising in the same way like other media.

Unified marketing platform

Econometric modeling tools, media planning system and operational marketing system (MRM-systems) allows to build a single platform for the media planning. ROI by using the platform is up to 70% in the first year of operation.

Econometric modelling

Econometric modeling links business indicators (KPI) with a variety of drivers influencing to them. The main KPI for retail is «sales volume», for the telecommunications industry - the number of new subscribers, for banks - the volume of loans. Factors influencing to the KPI: current macroeconomic situation, the competitors, consumer characteristics of the product and the market price, quality customer service, as well as promotional activity. By separating advertising from other drivers, we can calculate the optimal as budget allocation: TV, Internet, radio, print and OOH-advertising for each brand presence in the region. For econometric modeling is used mathematical software such as SPSS, require any special knowledge and skills, we also offer CheckMedia Solution – easy for use for all marketers.


Media activity
Competitor activity
Market Share
Customer Acquisition
Halo Effects


Audience measurement

After ad budget allocation, the next challenge for the marketer becomes a selection of the most efficient ad media inventory. This requires detailed information on each inventory: how many people will see this inventory for a certain period; what their age, gender, income, job skills and etc. In fact, it is a question about how to compare your target audience with the audience of advertising media. TNS uses a sociological approach to assess the audience for TV advertising, the Internet, radio and the press, with the current level of technology does not allow the same to evaluate audience OOH advertising (outdoor, indoor, and transport). We have developed a technology solution that analyzes movements of telecom clients using BigData algorithms and associating target audience with the audience, which passes by the OOH-ad inventory.

A key advantage of this approach is the ability to combine TNS with mobile carrier’s data and to calculate the audience for all type of media.


Quantitative characteristic
The demographic profile
Median income
The frequency of arriving to location
Audience Quantity
Qualitative characteristics:
The level of education
Consumer choices
Way of transportation

Marketing platform

Based on budget restrictions and audience data, marketers produce optimal media plan.

All types of media: Digital, TV, radio, OOH

Ad inventory

Geo tracks from mobile carriers on data

Mobile carrier’s

Sociological studies


Competitors ad spends

Research agencies
Advertising interaction model

When, where and how long users interact with online and offline advertising

Sales Objectives, marketing budget and other constraints

Optimal media plan

To support media planning and media buying process, we offer to use CheckMedia Solution based on MRM-system from leading software vendors BrandMaker, SAP, SalesForce

Platform blocks:
Flight and campaigns scheduler
Unified Ad campaigns scheduler for all regions, products and types of media.
Ad inventory database
Ad inventory storage. Price and other buying conditions. Ad inventory efficiency.
Media planning and reporting
Media plans versioning. Media plans reviewing. Collecting monitoring results.
Media tenders
Selection of bidders. Preparation of media tender tasks. Summarizing.
Creative production
Creating and reviewing creatives. Reviewing and adapting layouts.
About company

Founded in 2017 in Estonia. AdoptoMedia provides the unique tool (CheckMedia Solution) for managing advertising budget (online and offline media mix) or assurance media planning process. Customers can use CheckMedia Solution in different ways such as MRM-system’s plugin, website’s widget or as auditing tool. AdoptoMedia already has started deployment the game changing solution with Tier 1 customers in CIS market and has created the media planning assurance methodology and solution with Global Leaders.

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