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Our solution to the current ROMI challenges

Even though marketing technology is advancing, existing tools don’t fully match arising needs and challenges of the industry. There are still no universal measurement standards, so marketers around the globe are struggling to justify huge investments, which amount to $560 bln annually, according to A. Guttmann research. In the article we will cover the limitations of the current ROMI approaches, that McKinsey experts point out, and our capabilities for dealing with them. Due to users massively shifting to online and mobile content, a huge part of the marketing spend is allocated to digital channels. It’s a reasonable strategy, but what we do wrong is measure the results of such campaigns. We focus too much on short-term results and user-level data, that seem more accurate, just because the tools like multi-touch attribution allow it, and not always because it’s necessary. Personalized messages and near-time optimization are important, but we shouldn’t forget about the upper funnel and earlier stages of the customer journey. A large share of marketing spend goes into brand-building activities, but it is not so thoroughly analyzed or its performance is evaluated by the same standards as the lower funnel spends, which results in a false understanding of the… Read more »