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Sponsorship effectiveness measurement: Part 1

Since sponsorship deals provide unique value, many brands are actively investing in sport and entertainment events. But not all of them know how effectively this money is spent, because there is no standard approach to measuring the impact sponsorships have on business KPIs. In the article we will discuss how planning and executing sponsorship deals can improve their accountability. Exploiting media resources of high-profile sport and entertainment events like Oscars or The Olympics gives advertisers access to a huge audience and allows creating unique brand experience, that is why companies are expanding their sponsorship portfolios. According to Forbes, in 2020 brands were planning to invest over $68 billion in different events, and the figure doesn’t even include related costs like activations, promotions etc. Here are some benefits of sponsorship that improve brand awareness, consideration and customer loyalty: Logo visibility: it’s the most obvious value. Whether a person attends an event, watches it online or on TV or just comes across promotions for the event, they will see the sponsor’s logo.  Activations & Promotions: these are activities carried out by the brand within the event, like organizing contests or giving out free product samples. They increase brand affinity and positive associations… Read more »