B2B Advertising, Effective Audience Targeting, AdoptoMedia, marketing, OOH advertising What is the best way to promote a new B2B product? Sending out flyers and placing ads in elevators and on doors of business centers would be a common strategy in such cases. However, the promotion of premium services doesn’t have to be geographically limited to workplaces of potential clients.

One of Vistarmedia Company’s clients that provides business solutions for small and large enterprises wanted to increase interest in their services.

Advertising experts identified the target audience, concentrated in two areas, and divided it into corporations and small firms. Further, the natural behavior of the target audience was analyzed to identify their most frequented places outside of work. That’s where OOH advertising like screens and banners was placed.

This decision helped to achieve some tangible results. During the campaign target audience was successfully reached, with 51% of the participants holding executive positions in different firms. Judging by the figure, we can say that the targeting process was performed effectively.  With a right creative message for key audience, marketers increased customers’ interest in the brand and the product by 75% and 39% respectively.

Cafes, night clubs, cinemas and other public places are very popular with advertisers. And it shouldn’t come as a surprise, because thematic advertising is perceived very differently in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, it attracts more attention and is better remembered than ads seen during work time.