AdoptoMedia, CheckMedia Solution, In July 2017 AdoptoMedia released a new iteration of the CheckMedia Solution suite. Compared to the first version, focused on the automation of advertising processes, CheckMedia Solution V2.0 is geared towards analytics and forecasting the efficiency of marketing investments.     

About the system

CheckMedia Solution helps allocate the ad budget across various channels (TV, radio, OOH, Internet), create, edit, store, summarize and analyze media plans as well as set up automated media biddings.


Who is CheckMedia Solution V2.0 for?


CheckMedia Solution V2.0 will help the marketers of large B2C companies, if:

  • they sell products and services to individuals in several regions;
  • the company's annual ad budget is upwards of  € 1 million;
  • the company promotes products via several types of media: TV, Internet, radio, OOH advertising, and so on;


What business targets can CMS V2.0 deliver on?

1. Strategically: respond to market challenges, plan marketing budgets, select the primary promotion channels:

  • decide what specific corrections are warranted in a marketing budget when demand drops; can it be retained at the previous level;
  • what is the optimum media budget for the current economic situation and how it is best allocated across ad channels;
  • how the advertising of one product affects the sales of other products.


2. Tactically: operate within the constraints of an approved marketing budget and ad channels:

  • draw up an optimum media plan; keep track of regularly updated data;
  • store the ad placement history;
  • quickly set up a bidding for advertising media; find reliable contractors for the participation in biddings;
  • quickly process the received quotations and select the winning bidder;
  • quickly prepare individual placement reports for each type of ad media.


Why it makes sense to deploy CMS V2.0

CMS provides strong analytical support for the marketing, sales and finance departments, both on corporate and regional levels. A 10-20% direct increase in ad investment efficiency is expected. CMS also significantly improves workflow controllability, organization and responsibility.



Structure of CheckMedia Solution V2.0 

CMS V2.0 is a service application that runs on AdoptoMedia servers or the customer's servers. The user operates CheckMedia Solution v2.0 via web interface. The software can be run from the company's head office, regional offices or beyond (from home or hotel).


The system comprises two modules:

Media Mix Tool

Helps set up the handling of the ad budget and its structure throughout the fiscal period (1 year), which in turn will push up company sales.

Module functions



Marketing budget calculation

Calculates the optimum marketing budget depending on the company's goals or financial capacity as well as the current economic situation (based on econometric modeling).

Tracking the impact of various factors on product promotion

Allows to keep track of the impact economic and/or advertising factors have on product promotion.

ROMI calculation and forecasting

Allows to calculate the ROMI (return on marketing investment) for the past period and make future forecasts for ad media types and units.

Regional budget management

Calculates the optimum regional budget: allows togroup regions together, calculate the optimum shares of regional and federal budgets for each group and reallocate the regional budget across regions.

Budgets are exchanged with the media planning system and the upcoming budgets are updated

Budget target values are entered in the Media Plan Manager and serve as a framework for media planning. Factual data on ad spending is fed from media plans into the Media Mix Tool and serves as a basis for reassessment of ad budgets for the future.

Ad budget efficiency reports

Creates generic reports: structures an optimum annual ad budget in the "plan/fact" format and calculates the ROMI for each media type on federal and regional levels, with a breakdown of "product — recommendations for media budget optimization".


Forecast and optimized data comparison

Media Plan Manager

Media Plan Manager allows preparing and approving media plans in semi-automated mode and assessing the accessibility of ad media and their price for the specified period.

Module functions



Maintenance and filling-in of ad media and ad agency databases.

Uploading and storage of data on all types of current ad media.  Allows to prepare media plans using a handy ad space search system with filtering by region, media type and ad inventory.

In-system media plan maintenance.

Allows to store the entire history of the customer's ad placements.

Assignment of various access levels.

Assigns access levels and visibility areas to marketing specialists from different departments. Grants users access to certain fields in reference books and media plans depending on their roles and functions.

Ad campaign calendar.

Allows to create an intuitive ad campaign schedule visibly showing the campaign's beginning and end dates, as well as its duration.

Ad campaign reports.

Allows to automatically obtain reports on ad placement bound to specific places and items.

Setting up media split for ad campaigns

CheckMedia Solution V2.0 Positioning

CMS V2.0 competes with legacy automation programs, such as XLS and email, as well as service apps offered by ad agencies and the company's analytics departments.




Marketing department analytics division

CMS V2.0

ROMI calculation

No explicit ROMI calculation formula.

Calculates the ROMI for the past period, with a forecast option for an upcoming period based on statistical data on all sales-affecting factors.

Regional budget calculation.

The regional budget is allocated without any basis in research and solely based on prior experience.

No comparison is made of region-to-region efficiency.

The system clusters regions into groups and calculates optimum shares of regional and federal budgets for each group.

Allocation of ad budget by products.

The product ad budget is allocated based on the formula "X% of sales is allotted for advertising".

The product budget is allocated based on the assessment models for advertising's impact on sales.



CMS V2.0

Optimum media mix calculation.

Agencies design an optimum media mix based on limited information, focused on optimizing their own agency commission, as opposed to the company’s interests.

The budget is allocated by media type based on results, namely the sales impact of ad channels.

Adjustment of ad budgets for upcoming periods.

If market conditions and the course of the ad campaign change, there is no quick way of reallocating the ad budget across channels and products.

Upon arrival of new data the system recalculates the media mix for the upcoming period with account for constraints for media buying.



XLS and email

CMS V2.0

Media plan versions.

Storage of different versions is unsupported.

Different media plan versions supported.

Media plan access levels.

No ability to designate access levels. Support for manual editing only: table column deletion.

Designation of access levels for different user categories.

Single format of agency offers.

All databases are sent in different formats and files.

Unified reference book structures available for data storage.

Data integrity.

Data loss is possible when sent through mail and manually processed.

Everything is stored in a single system, data loss is ruled out.




CMS V2.0

Storage of ad placement history.

When an agency is replaced, all the acquired experience on the completed campaigns is lost.

All data is stored and retained in a single system even if the contracting agency is replaced.

Supervision of agency's work.

Manual cross-checking of incoming data is required.

No manual checking is required: the system does not omit filling-out errors.

Media bidding.

Non-transparent selection of bidders and the winner.

Biddings for the buying of any ad media are highly automated and transparent.


Benefits of integration with other IT systems

CheckMedia Solution V2.0 can be flexibly integrated with various IT systems and databases.


1. Marketing Resource Management systems:

  • along with ad campaigns other events can be added to the marketing calendar, such as promo events, joint partnership operations, trade marketing activities, and more;
  • multiple brands per customer can be handled concurrently;
  • support for the complex process of media plan approval when working with multiple departments and external partners;
  • creative materials can be managed for each individual ad campaign;

2. Bidding platforms or buying systems:

  •  it becomes much simpler to approve bidders as per the company’s current bidding policy

3. External ad inventory databases:

  • if a customer has access to external databases, they can be linked to build media plans.


Typical CheckMedia Solution V2.0 Deployment Process





Modeling a test product’s ad budget at analyst's workplace.

●             A currently advertised product is allocated for testing.

● A checklist containing a list of factors impacting sales is approved.

●             The customer communicates data on the factors contained in the checklist.

●              A demand forecasting model is created for the product, inclusive of affecting factors (advertising and otherwise).

●             A test product ad budget is modeled at analyst's workplace.

A test product ad budget has been modeled.

6 months

Deployment of Media Mix Tool and Media Plan Manager for the test product

●              The budgeting model for the test product is transferred to the customer's or AdoptoMedia servers.

●             The data collection process is set up, to be used to update the demand forecasting model.

●             Users are connected to the media plan handling system.

●             Ann exchange process is set up for data on advertising activities, to be transferred between the Media Mix Tool and the Media Plan Manager.

The test product's ad budget is managed using CMS

  3 months

Extension of CMS onto other company products.

●              Ad budgeting models are created for other products.

●             Ad budgeting and media planning models are implemented for other products.

The ad budget of all products is now managed using CMS.

6-24 months