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AdoptoMedia has released the first iteration of CheckMedia Solution: a unique marketing automation software suite. What are the concept and purpose behind it? How can it deliver to optimize your business? What sets it apart? Find out all of this, and more, below.

With CheckMedia Solution V1.0, users are able to create, edit, store, summarize and analyze media plans, and set up automated media biddings.

Who is CheckMedia Solution V1.0 for?

CheckMedia Solution V1.0 will help the marketers of large B2C companies, if:

  • they sell products and services to individuals in multiple regions;
  • the company’s annual ad budget is upwards of € 4.5 million;
  • the company promotes products via multiple types of media: TV, Internet, radio, OOH advertising, and so on;
  • the company operates over 1000 units of all types of ad media;
  • ads are often bought via multiple agencies: for different media types and tasks.

CMS V1.0 will be the answer if you need to:

  • draw up a single media plan for all regions; keep track of frequently corrected data; store the ad placement history;
  • quickly prepare individual placement reports for each type of ad media;
  • supervise ad budget implementation; quickly compare efficiency of different branches’ marketing activity;
  • quickly set up a bidding for advertising media; find reliable contractors for participating in biddings; quickly process the received quotations and select the winning bidder.

What do you do as a user of CheckMedia Solution V1.0?

  1. Administrator: adds new users, sets up additional fields, controls the system operation.
  2. Moderator: moderates the uploaded ad media databases.
  3. Ad agency officer: participates in bidding, fills out ad media databases.
  4. Marketer: creates media plans, assigns tasks for the creation of regional media plans, creates requests for proposal, and processes the bidding results.
  5. Marketing director: verifies and analyzes ad placement reports, finalizes requests for proposal, approves the winning bidders.

Customer feedback

CheckMedia Solution is exactly what I have needed for our department. Thanks to this software we save up to several hours daily” — advertising manager of a large bank.

“Implementing CheckMedia Solution helped us immensely in simplifying the bidding process. Now it is automated and requires no substantial time or labor input” — media buying director of a telecom company.

CMS V1.0 Structure

CMS V1.0 is a service application that runs on AdoptoMedia servers or the customer’s servers.

The user operates CheckMedia Solution V1.0 via web interface. The software can be run from the company’s head office, regional offices or beyond (from home or hotel).

Media Plan Manager

This module allows preparing and approving media plans in semi-automated mode and assessing the accessibility of ad media and their price for the specified period.

Module functions



Maintenance and filling-in of ad media and ad agency databases.

Uploading and storage of data on all types of current ad media. Allows to prepare media plans using a handy ad space search system with filtering by region, media type and ad inventory.

In-system media plan maintenance.

Allows storing the entire history of the customer’s ad placements.

Assignment of various access levels.

Assigns access levels and visibility areas to marketers from different departments. Grants users access to certain fields in reference books and media plans depending on their roles and functions.

Ad campaign calendar.

Allows creating an intuitive ad campaign schedule visibly showing the campaign’s beginning and end dates, as well as its duration.

Ad campaign reports.

Allows to automatically obtain reports on ad placement bound to specific places and media units

Adding new inventory to a media plan

Media Bidding Module

This module allows to supervise the bidding process by reporting quotations for a specified media plan from several ad agencies.

Module functions



Bidding set-up in a single unified system.

Allows setting up and approving RFPs individually by each media type in a single media plan-based system.


Invitation of bidders with system access.

Allows inviting agencies to take part in bidding automatically.

Comparison of offers and selection of winning bidders.

Allows user to automatically compare bidders and their offers and provide recommendations for selecting winners by each individual position of the RFP.

CheckMedia Solution V1.0 and key market players

CMS V1.0 is not only a viable alternative to legacy automation methods (such as XLS and email) but it also exceeds the scope of functionality offered by ad agencies.


XLS and email

CMS V1.0

Media plan versions

 No support for storage of different versions.

Different media plan versions supported.

Media plan access levels

No option to designate access levels. Support for manual editing only (deletion of table columns).

Different user categories are assigned appropriate access levels

Single format of agency offers

All databases are sent in different formats and files.

Unified reference book structures available for data storage.

Data integrity

Data loss is possible when sent through mail and manually processed.

Everything is stored in a single system; data loss is ruled out.

ParameterAgencyCMS V1.0
Storage of ad placement historyWhen an agency is replaced, all the acquired experience on the completed campaigns is lost.All data is retained in a single system even if the contracting agency is replaced.
Supervision of agency’s workManual cross-checking of incoming data is required.No manual checking is required: the system does not omit filling-out errors.
Media biddingNon-transparent selection of bidders and the winner.Biddings for the buying of any ad media are highly automated and transparent.

Benefits of integration with other IT systems

CheckMedia Solution V1.0 can be flexibly integrated with various IT systems and databases.

1) Marketing Resource Management systems:

  • other events can be added to the marketing calendar along with ad campaigns, such as promo events, joint partnership operations, trade marketing activities, and more;
  • multiple customer products can be handled at once;
  • there is support for the complex process of media plan approval when working with multiple divisions and external partners;
  • designated creative materials for each individual ad campaign are supported.

2) Bidding platforms or buying systems:

  •  it becomes much simpler to approve bidders in compliance with the current bidding policy of the company.

3) External databases:

  • if a customer has access to external databases, they can be linked together to operate in the system.

Typical CMS implementation process





Creation and customization of reference books.


  • Determines the types of media the company works with.
  • Creates the structure of the reference book for each media type.
  • Discusses the title and future content of each field: customizes drop-down lists for fixed content fields, along with field types, such as numerical, text and so on; sets up calculation fields and obligatory fields. Assigns data to fields according to access levels of various company divisions and agencies.

Reference books for all media types are implemented.

2 weeks

Creation and approval of media plans.


  • Creates media plan forms.
  • Discusses and approves the title and future content of each field. Sets up calculation fields.Assigns data to fields according to access levels of various company divisions and agencies..

Media plan templates for all types of media are implemented in the system.

2 weeks

Creation and customization of biddings.


  • Approves the process of handling biddings.
  • Sets up RFP parameters.
  • Sets up accrediting parameters for future bidders.

The approved handling process for biddings is implemented.

2 weeks

Reports set-up.


  • Sets up reports and analytics
  • Sets up the report collection process for ad placements (as structured property sets)..

Streamlined reports handling.

1 week

Commissioning tests.

  • Demonstrates the entire system operation process..
  • Supervises system operation according to the approved workflow.

Acceptance certificate is signed.

2 weeks

User training.


  • System guidebooks are composed and sent to users.
  • All system users undergo training.
  • Sets up a ticket system for user support and troubleshooting.

Users are able to independently operate the system.

1 week

System commissioning.

* Terms for each stage may vary depending on the current format and content of customer data, percentage of materials completion, as well as the time for approval and acceptance of results.

AdoptoMedia has released a new iteration of the software suite. Here you can find out what’s new about CheckMedia Solution V2.0.