Pioneers Conference 2018, marketing, event, technological product, CheckMedia Solution, AdoptoMedia, advertising, large-scale conferencePioneers 2018 is a large-scale conference that took place in May 2018 in Vienna and gathered investors and representatives of modern start-ups. AdoptoMedia Company was among 550 most notable startups from around the world invited to participate in the conference.

What distinguishes Pioneers 2018 from other similar projects is the fact that it selects startups developing "technologies of the future." At the same time both newly-founded startups and those in further stages of development are welcome to participate.

In 2018, Pioneers Conference was held in a unique historical place — the 500-year old Winter Home of the Habsburg Dynasty. "This is the place where the past meets the future" – said Oliver Csendes, the CEO of Pioneers. The venue chosen for the conference imposed significant restrictions on the number of participants, which contributed to the high quality of the event.

AdoptoMedia CEO, Aleksey Kuznetsov, represented the company at the conference in Vienna. The company is developing systems aimed at optimization of advertising budgets.

Pioneers Conference, ad budget optimisation, media buying automation

The CEO’s speech was dedicated to AdoptoMedia’s main product — CheckMedia Solution, namely its features and benefits.

CheckMedia Solution allows to easily distribute budgets between different ad channels, calculate customer’s optimal media spend and estimate ROMI(return on marketing investments). The presented product by AdoptoMedia Company sparked great interest among investors and potential partners.

Pioneers Conference, start-ups, ROMI

The participation in Pioneers Conference allowed AdoptoMedia representatives to conduct negotiations with potential partners and investors and to map out the next steps in cooperation and product development.