DOOH, digital out-of-home advertising, AdoptoMedia,Digital out-of-home advertising (DOOH) has long since become a part of the urban infrastructure. Having gone a long way from their humble beginnings as lightboxes to today’s interactive media, DOOH screens are now superstable.

The owner of a network of shopping malls in Croatia wanted to expand his offer and strengthen the power and value of its coverage. To that end, it was essential to set up high-quality and low-end outdoor displays with the options of purchase cost estimation, comprehensive remote health status supervision and tech support.

On the initial stage it was crucial to establish a critical-mass network of 23 large-format all-weather outdoor digital screens. Most of the units are double-face totems, while the rest are wall-mounted 75” screens. All of units were placed at the most frequent passerby areas all across the country, covering all major Croatian city centers. This was important to access ATL (Above the line) advertising budgets and attract big brand advertisers.

Three different types of units were chosen to cover all the districts and satisfy the local municipalities — primarily double-side screens with ultra-high-brightness 2,500-nit LCD panels. These unique HVAC driven units were expected to deliver many years of high-quality performance and minimal downtime. Based on the same HVAC technology, four custom double-sided screens with attached 32” interactive multimedia info pillars were intended for the largest municipalities. Side touch screens were used as interactive tourist information screens, provided to the towns free of charge.

Less-protected outdoor spaces were equipped with salt- and vandal-resistant screens. Coastal area screens were additionally customized to help withstand strong wind pressure. This helped maintain the high quality of advertising units regardless of their placement.